Fibre Internet Benefits

Published on: 06 May 2021

Fibre internet is gaining enormous momentum in the South African market, growing in both popularity and coverage. Deriving its name from the glass cables that allow faster data transfer rates, this is also what physically differentiates it from its copper wire counterparts for regular internet connections. Additionally, unlike regular internet connections, it doesn’t require a phone line. Knowing these differences, what are the benefits of this faster connection and why would one move over to fibre?

  • Fibre provides exceptionally high-speed bandwidth and capacity
  • It is much less affected by environmental factors (getting wet, extreme heat etc) than its copper counterpart which makes it extremely reliable
  • It is immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, crosstalk and impedance problems
  • As it is not made of a substance that can be sold as scrap metal, there is little threat to the fibre optic cables being stolen
  • It doesn’t have the same distance limitations of copper as fibre optic signals are made of light and as a result, very little signal loss occurs during transmission which allows for greater distances and higher speeds
  • It is very secure as it doesn’t radiate signals to be tapped into – if a cable were tapped, it would cause the light to be leaked and destroy the transmission
  • It is becoming more affordable as internet service providers continue to lower their prices to stay competitive in the market.

Fibre Allows Better Quality Online Communication

Communication is one of the top cited reasons people use the internet. With high levels of immigration and more cases of depression and anxiety relating to feelings of loneliness, quality communication is more important than ever. Fibre allows for flawless, safe and easy use of applications such as Skype, instant messaging and even the use of internet-based phone lines such as VOIP without interruptions, lagging or dropping.

Fibre Allows for Easier and Faster Access to Information and News

Finding information and keeping up to date with the news is another common reason that people choose to log on. The connected world provides an important platform for education, research and building better informed communities. Fibre allows for a faster browsing experience and a faster, more secure transfer of information when downloading or uploading content to the Internet.

More Reliable and Secure Internet Allows for Safer Online Transactions and More Secure Platform for Those Work on the Internet

Online shopping and, by extension online transactions, have become more prevalent with the average person being busier and in greater need of convenience than ever. Fibre, being more reliable and secure, provides an ideal connection with less chance of the network being compromised or dropped in the middle of a transaction. There are also a greater number of professionals who work predominantly online for whom a safe, reliable and uninterrupted internet connection is invaluable.

Fibre is the gateway to the connected world and all the myriad of possibilities that it presents. If you would like some assistance in opening this gateway, Find My Fibre will assist in showing you the way.