What is a Fibre ISP?

A fibre internet service provider (ISP) offer you access to the web in exchange for a monthly fee, although many will now also offer you extra services including a home phone line and a digital TV package. Depending on the service you signed up for, your internet could be delivered via copper or fibre optic cables under the ground, through the air via satellite or through a 3G/4G network

What is a Fibre NIP?

An fibre network infrastructure provider (NIP) or Network Fibre Owner (NFO) is a company that owns, operates and sells access to fibre internet backbone infrastructure and services. The primary customers of fibre network infrastructure provider (NIP) are fibre internet service provider (ISP), which, in turn, sell internet access to businesses and consumers.

How to get Fibre Internet?

Find My Fibre offers a simple fibre solution that’s easy to understand and even easier to order

Once there’s fibre coverage in your area, getting fibre Internet is easy. Simply use our fibre coverage map, drag the courser point to the correct address and then the select the fibre package to sign up with the fibre internet service provider (ISPs), once the order is confirmed the fibre internet service provider (ISPs) will arrange a time to install your new fibre line.

How to Order Fibre with Find My Fibre?

This is what makes ordering with Find My Fibre so easy, we help you each step of the way to order your fibre without you trying to contact all the time.

Step 1: Use the Fibre coverage map and check if there is fibre in your area

Step 2: Click on the fibre order now or fibre pre-order now

Step 3: Select a fibre package from the fibre packages provided

Step 4: Confirm your details and fibre order selection

Step 5: Complete the order form by submitting

Step 6: The fibre order will be processed and our customer service centre will contact you with 1-2 hours (business hours apply)

How do I check coverage in my area?

You can check for coverage on our Portal Maps on our website. Click here to go to the coverage portal.

Please place a full address when checking for coverage.

I have submitted my order on Find My Fibre, what now?

Step 1: The fibre order will be processed and our customer service centre will contact you with 1-2 hours (Monday to Friday business hours only)

Step 2: The fibre order will be placed with fibre internet service provider (ISPs)

Step 3: Our customer service centre will manage the order process by continuing to follow up with the fibre internet service provider (ISPs) as to the order status

Step 4: Once the fibre order is ready you will be notified and a router will be shipped to your home or work address.

How long does my Fibre installation take?

Find my Fibre makes use of fibre internet service providers (ISPs). The fibre internet service providers (ISPs) have different lead times for installing of the Fibre. Certain fibre internet service providers (ISPs)  are only available in specific areas. This may mean you will not be able to choose who your fibre internet service provider (ISP) is depending on the area you live in.

Fibre infrastructure takes approximately 2 – 3 Months

The fibre infrastructure first needs to be rolled out to your area, estate or complex by the fibre network infrastructure provider (NIPs). The fibre network infrastructure provider (NIPs) will only be in touch to get the fibre line installed at your premises when your area is live.

Fibre line activations timeframe varies by provider approximately 1 – 14 Days

Once the fibre network infrastructure provider (NIPs) has completed their fibre line installation and the fibre internet service providers (ISPs) will has been notified, the fibre line will need to be activated and a router will be shipped to you via courier. The fibre internet service providers (ISPs) router is plug and play, they are pre-configured and ready to be used to access your fibre.

With our fibre coverage map you can find out if your area is fibre ready and which the internet service providers (ISPs) are available in your area.

When placing your fibre order please ask our call agent for more information regarding the fibre coverage in your area and which fibre package to choose.

Note: Installation lead times are a guide based on averages and will vary.

How long does installation take?

Home-Connect makes use of Open Access Providers that lay the physical Fibre infrastructure. Different providers have different lead times for installing the Fibre.

How do I cancel my fibre?

All cancellation terms differ from fibre package and which internet service provider (ISP) your chose, please refer to your selected fibre internet service provider (ISP) terms and conditions. Cancellation are processed by your fibre internet service provider (ISP), and not Find my Fibre.

When will the fibre internet service provider (ISP) bill me?

Once you receive the fibre internet service provider (ISPs) delivers your fibre router and the router device is connected and live, the fibre internet service provider (ISPs) accounts department will send your invoice based on your fibre package.

What are the sales hours?

What are Find My Fibre’s sales hours? Our Sales team are available Weekdays 8am to 5pm.

How can I contact the Support Department?

How to contact Find My Fibre Support Department, send us a message & we’ll get back to you – Click Here