Why can’t I find a particular deal I saw advertised online or get a definitive lead time on Fibre installation?

As part of our promise to provide the best deals and packages available to choose from, we have partnered with several of the top internet service providers (ISPs) in the industry. As these deals and packages are based on your area, you will notice that your search will look very different to your friend in another part of the city. This is because the ISPs themselves are only available in specific areas and as separate entities, their lead times will all differ from each other with regards to fibre installation lead times. Once you’ve placed your order through Find My Fibre, your specific ISP will contact you to advise you of when the line activation will take place and when the router will be delivered and installed. The routers are usually plug and play and are pre-configured which means they are already all set to be used to access your fibre.