Home Automation In South Africa

Published on: 05 June 2020

South Africa ranks highly among the countries that work some of the longest hours in the world (according to statistics by the University of Oxford’s Researchers at Our World in Data). This combined with the pressures and time required for child-rearing and other responsibilities has created a fast pace of living where convenience and time-saving have become key. This need has led to the sudden appearance and rapid growth of smart homes, home automation and apps aplenty in South Africa, whose high-tech solutions to everyday problems have been welcomed with open arms. According to statistics gathered by Statista, smart homes are growing by 16% in the markets annually which only highlights the necessity for high speed, reliable internet for the South African community. Smart homes and home automation have particular relevance for South Africans because:

It will assist in energy conservation

The energy crisis is showing no sign of slowing and will likely be with us for at least another 5 years according to energy analyst Ted Blom on EWN early this year. With a single bout of stage 2 load shedding costing the South African economy a staggering R2 billion per instance according to energy analyst Chris Yelland in an interview with The Citizen, energy saving measures are more important than ever. The heating and cooling of a household is one of the most energy intensive activities, second only to heating water. According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute, up to 40% of heating/cooling costs can be saved through the use of intelligent house control (Imagine a 40% reduction in your electricity bill!). Home automation systems give the home-owner greater control over their energy consumption by providing a system that automatically adjusts the climate control appliances to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure through appliance use.

It will assist in water conservation

With the Cape Town water crisis still fresh in our memories, water conservation has been the source of many innovations for both home appliances and new designs in home architecture. Common water saving additions to home automation systems and new staples of smart homes include the use of low-flow faucets and showerheads, leak detectors, shower timers, irrigation controls and greywater filtering systems that recycles grey water for use in flushing toilets and watering the garden.

It will assist in saving time for daily activities

With the fast pace of living in South Africa, it’s not just energy and water that need attention. We’ve all wished for an assistant that could order our groceries, run a bath for our children and get the house guest-ready before a dinner party, all with the touch of a button while we’re still on the way home from work. With new technology and smart homes becoming more prevalent, this can be a reality.

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