Fibre Coverage Explained

The only thing you need to get fibre internet, is to have fibre infrastructure already installed in your area. This is also known as fibre coverage. But How do you check this?

Find My Fibre is here to guide you!

To find out if your area has fibre coverage, all you need to do is visit the, and enter the physical address where you would like the fibre to be installed into our online search tool.

The results of the search will tell you if there’s fibre in your area and give you the option to view the best deals available. Don’t forget to insert your full address so that we can give you accurate feedback.

If you do not have fibre in your area, don’t worry, as we have another video where we guide you through our pre-order process. Not sure what to do now? Then Click on our How Do I Get Fibre video, and we will guide you on your way to fast, reliable fibre internet.