How do i get Fibre to my home ?

Getting Fibre has never been easier with Find My Fibre. With our simple 4-step system, there’s no need to waste time sifting through options.

Step 1 is finding out if you have fibre coverage in your area. To do this, visit the and enter your physical address into our online search tool.

The results of the search will inform you if there’s fibre in your area.

Step 2 is browsing through all the available packages in your area. This is done by clicking the ‘view packages button once you have established that you have fibre coverage.

The displayed packages are dependent on which Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, offer fibre in your area, so some areas will have deals that others don’t.

Step 3 involves selecting the fibre deal that best suits your needs and budget. Add up and down, month to month etc.

Step 4 simply placing the order for your selected package. Click the ‘Order Now’ button on the selected package and fill out your details in the form.

You will receive an email confirming your order, and within 1-2 hours, our expert customer service team will contact you to request any further details, and ensure the selected package is the best option for your needs.

Once we have all the necessary details, Find My Fibre will then place your order with the ISP.

You will receive an email from the ISP themselves to confirm that your order has been placed, and that the vetting processes have been initiated. The ISP and FMF will stay in contact with you throughout this process and will confirm when everything has been completed successfully. Once your order is ready, you will be notified, and the Network Infrastructure Provider or NIP, will contact you directly to arrange a suitable date and time to carry out the fibre installation into your home or business.

On installation day, a technician from the relevant NIP will go to your house to run the fibre cable from a fibre node in your area, to your property. Referred as a drop cable

They will connect the fibre cable to a device called an ‘Optical Network Terminal’ or ONT. This device converts the optical signal back into an electrical signal, so that it can communicate with the router.

The ONT device will be installed in a convenient area on your property, and the Wi-fi router will be connected to it. The technician will test the connection, ensure that everything is in order.  And Voila You are now connected to the internet.