Introducing Find My Fibre

Published on: 29 March 2019

The past few years have seen fibre becoming an increasingly popular connectivity option in South Africa. Presenting consumers with always available and high-speed internet, it is essential for being part of the digital world. And yet, finding the right fibre provider is still a cumbersome process that frustrates more than it helps. This is exactly what internet service provider (ISP) aggregator Find My Fibre wants to change, by providing ordinary South Africans with a user-friendly way of getting connected with packages that suit their budgets and needs.

“While techies understand the ins and outs of how to select a fibre service provider, what speed to choose, and whether it should be uncapped, unshaped, and all sorts of other permutations, the layman does not. For them, internet access is a utility. And much like electricity and water, it should just work,” says co-founder Clint Muir.

Co-founder Scott Robertson agrees.

“People really do not care how their internet should work – it just needs to give them fast, reliable access to music and video streaming services, social networking platforms, and other important digital solutions. They get annoyed when phoning a fibre provider and getting transferred from pillar to post just to get somebody to explain to them how the process works. Our Find My Fibre platform reinvents the process putting the consumer at the core,” says Robertson.

Consisting of an easy four-step process, Find My Fibre removes the complexity of fibre and positions it in a way that ordinary people can understand.

Using an innovative true mapping system that provides exact coordinates of the customer’s home, Step 1 determines whether there is fibre coverage available. Once availability is confirmed, the second step lists all available offerings in the area. Users can select according to their budgets, the fibre speed they want, and whether it is a capped or uncapped offering.

“We have agreements in place with the top 12 ISPs in South Africa, so consumers can rest assured that they will only have to choose between the best in the business. With so many fly-by-night operators around, many have already burnt their fingers by going with the wrong option and losing thousands of Rands in the process,” says Muir.

Once a package is selected and viewed, the order can be placed through Find My Fibre who will take care of the process with the ISP on the consumer’s behalf.

“And if a customer is uncertain about which option is right for them, we also have a call centre with experienced agents, many of whom completed implementations themselves. These trained agents will get an understanding of the customer’s needs and advise them accordingly in terms of packages to consider,” says Robertson.

He says Find My Fibre is committed to facilitating the connection between the consumer and the ISP in a way that is beneficial to all parties.

“When ADSL launched in 2004, there was a massive uptake. Similarly, fibre is here to stay for a long time and people want to take their digital experience to the next level. We take everything an aggregator should be and provide customers with a one-stop shop when it comes to fibre access. It is about simplifying the process by leveraging our experience and partnerships in the market,” concludes Muir.

Even though the platform is still in its pilot phase, consumers will soon be able to join the fibre revolution and get connected as cost-effectively and easily as possible using Find My Fibre.