Fibre Internet Explained

Published on: 04 August 2020

It’s likely that you’ve already heard of Fibre Internet with over 300 000 South Africans already using the service. The growing popularity of streaming high-quality content through services such as YouTube, Netflix and Showmax highlights the greater reliability and availability of fast internet today. But what is fibre technology and how does it work? The experts at Find My Fibre have provided a simple explanation:

Fibre Internet is based on fibre-optic communication which is a method of transmitting information from one place to another using light signals. A standard electrical signal (which is found in normal cables) is transformed into an optical signal (light) using a transmitter. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave which is modulated to carry information. Once the signal has been received on the other side, it is converted back into an electrical signal which conveys the information to the device receiving it. Since the light is the medium carrying the information and light travels exceptionally fast, this is what makes the trademark fast speed that fibre internet is known for. Special glass cables are used to allow the light to travel from one place to another. In order to prevent the comparatively fragile cables being damaged and/or tampered with, the cables are carefully trenched underground.

Now that you are better informed on what fibre internet is, you will be able to take the next step towards faster, fuss free internet. The fastest internet connection is fibre, the fastest way to get it is Find My Fibre. If you need help getting connected or need more information, Find My Fibre has a team of fibre experts to assist with any questions you may have. Request a call back and we will get in touch.